lørdag 13. april 2013

Red Jane - row B

Forrige uke ble jeg ferdig med rad B, og har gjort en liten opptelling på hvor langt jeg er kommet totalt. 50 blokker ligger i plastboksen, og det vil jo si at jeg er ferdig med 22% av blokkene. Ikke verst, hva!
De fire som jeg ble ferdig med nå var det litt pirk og håndsøm på, ikke alle ble like fine men pytt pytt. Det jevner seg ut når alt er satt sammen.

Last week I finished row B, and I counted all my finished blocks. There are now 50 blocks in my box, which means I am done with 22% of them. Not bad, eh?
Those that I now finished were rather tricky, hand sewing and such. Not all of them turned out perfect, but that will not show when they are all put together.

B8 Water Lily

B9 Tinker Toy

B11 Melissa's Cross

B12 Starflower

mandag 1. april 2013

Jane has been busy...

Mere Dear Jane, eller Red Jane er vel et bedre navn... Kan jo lett se rødt mens man syr disse frustrerende bittesmå bitene! Nå er jeg ferdig med hele rad A og er godt i gang med rad B. Stolt :-)

More Dear Jane, or Red Jane as I think her name will be from now on... Seeing red just out of frustration is easy when sewing these tiny tiny pieces! I am done with row A, and will be done with row B today I hope. Proud :-)

A10 Which Points West

A11 Pebble's Protest (why this one was called Protest I honestly don't understand. There are worse blocks ahead!)

A12 Framed Fancy

A13 Starlight Starbright ( told you there were worse blocks - I might consider redoing this. Some other time perhaps.)

B1 Bachelor Buttons. Picture taken in strong sunlight!

B4 Chris' Soccer Field. Or was it another ballgame, I do not remember. The names are really funny, and I am having a hard time connecting some of them to the appropriate block!

B6 Wild Goose Chase

B10 Judd's Trophy ( yes I know, the cross in the centre is whacky...)

B13 Four Corner Press. This is an easy block, and you just have to believe me when I say it is straight. It just would not take the pressing.